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Wir kennen uns aus in Ihrer Branche

Our client base is comprised of SMEs, multinational group companies (MNCs) and start-ups.

In 90 % of all cases these companies have one thing in common: after a first project with us, they will stay JR Cape clients, a fact which makes us proud. The quality of our work and the individuality in approaching our candidates are some of the instruments supporting JR Cape's goal of building and maintaining fruitful customer relationships.We know our clients' industries. The respective markets and related conditions are not new to JR Cape consultants. All of pour consultants have career backgrounds in a variety of different industries. We see it as an important factor that we are attached to the same environments, and therefore we "speak the same language" as our business partners. The result is clear: a smooth communication and understanding of individual project requirements.

In our key functions as executive search consultants as well as in providing management consulting services - JR Cape proves its ability to be a competent and reliable partner, building long-lasting relationships with our clients. By tailoring relevant solutions to match both industry and market requirements we contribute strongly to the success of our clients.

Making JR Cape their preferred choice for specific consulting tasks, our clients entrust their projects to the right people. JR Cape shares your vision.

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