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Strengths of JR Cape in the executive search profession:

Our Candidates
Complete search & selection solutions are the basis for our guarantee of the candidates' performance to JR Cape clients.

Our Expertise
JR Cape project management skills and a fast and uncomplicated search process - jointly carried out in different regions if deemed advantageous for the project success.

Our Solutions
The individuality of solutions and our suggestions on mapping these out. Here efficiency is not just an expression, but is being monitored on a regular basis. However, the core of all our doing is and remains the human being - as a client, a candidate or colleague.

Our Efficiency
The speed of our service execution, with the duty levied on ourselves to present the right candidates in a set time frame. Although executive search & selection is a most complex process, we bind ourselves to achieving the fixed targets.

Our Costs
Clarity and simplicity in our conditions for rendering professional services to our clients; as a retained executive search firm JR Cape defines the related fees and payment terms before project launch.

Our Cross-Functions
Offering services in the closely linked fields of HR, strategy, organizational and market concept consulting, and our strong international network of consultants and JR Cape Partners

Personality, values, and the commitment to quality work, this is what JR Cape stands for.
But in the end it is much more - partnership. You and us who make the difference.
Working together closely to meet Your goals and ensure Your success.

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