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The executive search process follows a systematic pattern, managed by experienced search consultants. This process has been proven through years of experience and results in our clients hiring the desired executives and sought-after talent. However, we also make use of latest technical developments and the opportunities offered by the internet, adding identification and sourcing tools that had not been available 10 years ago. Our clients acknowledge that this search process is different from a direct search, but the selection process of identified and approached candidates does not differ from the traditional direct search approach unique to senior executive search.

A professional direct search includes the following sequence and core methodology:

Kick-off meeting(s) with our client

Detailed specification as a basis for the search project, partly derived from existing job descriptions

Elaboration of a target company list

Research, desk search and identification of candidates in the market

Confidential approach to identified candidates

Personal interviews and assessments

Confidential reports to our client

Presentation and consultation in the hiring process

Reference checks

Final Placement

On-boarding support and after-care

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