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Unser Suchansatz: maßgeschneidert!

Executive Search is a dedicated and often complicated search and placement process, individually tailored to our customer's needs, following a proven project methodology. The effort and complexity of an executive search project is often underestimated, requires not only manpower and time, but often creative approaches to fulfill the requirements.

Of course we include a search in our database at the start of a search – however, finding a matching candidate who fits the profile of our client's requirements heavily depends on coincidence and has nothing to do with a systematic "Direct Search".

With our "tailor-made" approach, we start every project with systematic preparation in a first step: creation of the project specification and a relevant list of target companies. Only through this approach we can ensure that we will find – following various sources throughout the process – suitable candidates whom we confidentially approach, engage, screen and present to our clients in order to fill the vacancy.

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