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The JR Cape Way

JR Cape is an international human capital and management consulting group.


We carry out the search & selection process for our clients in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, will find and present the right candidates fitting executive and specialist posts in their organizations.

JR Cape are experienced HR and management consultants for multinational companies, helping organizations to strategize their business, develop their organization, analyze and develop their talent pool, coach and mentor their leadership circle.

In addition, due to our market knowledge we design market entry concepts and strategies for the Asian region.

The basis for delivery and execution of this set of tasks is our physical presence in the regions, and clear understanding of the market environments and related driving factors. Specific knowledge of core conditions as well as external influences in the respective markets is a prerequisite for providing professional consulting services at the high quality and efficiency level expected by our clients.

Keeping the important knowledge base updated can only be ensured by maintaining local setups as we do, in Hamburg, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, Chicago and many more.

JR Cape has invested many efforts to match these requirements, and will strive to consistently keep the highest standards in all areas of our work.

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